Our Process

Step one: schematic Design Phase
The process begins with an initial meeting between the client and the architect to gain an understanding of the client’s functional needs, lifestyles, aesthetic preferences, and budget requirements. Significant interaction and collaboration between the client and the architect occurs as the design phase progresses. The building will be fitted to the site, and then floor plans and exterior elevations are generated. A scale model of the project may also be included in this phase, if requested by the client, or as deemed necessary to assist in the resolution of central design issues. An initial estimate of the cost of construction for the project will be presented to the client at the end of the Schematic Design Phase.

Step Two: Design Development Phase
Upon approval of the project's schematic design, the next phase begins. Design Development is not only the beginning of construction drawings for the project, but also when we refine floor plans, exterior elevations, building scale, and proportions, as well as incorporate any additional modifications requested by the client into the building plans.

Step three: Construction Documents Phase
The phase finalizes the drawings and documents initiated during the Design Development Phase. The proper details are chosen to support the character and style of the building as a whole. Structural framing plans are completed and coordinated carefully with all design aspects of the building. At the end of this phrase, complete sets of construction documents are provided to the client and the builder selected to construct the building.

Step Four: Site Review Phase
We are often retained by our clients to provide site review during the construction of their home. In this process, we review the progress of the work, answer questions, assist the contractor in adherence to the construction documents and the integrity of the design intent while facilitating any changes required. If requested, we will liaison with interior designers to assist the clients in making final selections concerning colors, finished, fixtures, and furniture.